August 2, 2017

Administrative Law


Below is just a sampling of the areas of Administrative Law upon which we have advised our clients:

  • Banking
  • Education Law
  • Employment Law (Civil Service, PA Human Relations Commission, EEOC)
  • Liquor Control and Licensing
  • Professional Licensing (Nursing, Medical, Auto Dealers, and Others)
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Workers’ Compensation

Administrative Law is the law that governs the activities of state and federal agencies that can affect both individuals and business in big ways. For every Board, Commission, or Agency out there, there is likely a large body of law that has arisen around it. This law is very often specialized and complicated making assistance from a lawyer indispensable. At Stone, Wiley & Linsenbach, we have attorneys that can handle a wide variety of actions by or against government agencies, including those who have had vast experience working for the state and federal government. Please give us a call and describe your unique situation to see if we can help.

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