August 2, 2017

Gas & Oil Law


Marcellus Shale services include:

To Landowners:

  • Negotiate, review and draft Lease Agreements
  • Negotiate, review and draft Royalty Agreements
  • Negotiate, review and draft environmental protection and land restoration into your Agreement with the Gas Company
  • Establishment of a Trust, Limited Liability Company, Family Limited Liability Partnership or other entity to protect your land and to maximize your new found income
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection strategies to build, protect and pass along your new found wealth.
  • Subdivision of land
  • Deed Modifications
  • Land Transfers
  • Title Search and Title Insurance
  • Separation of mineral rights from the land
  • Oil and Gas litigation to enforce your contract
  • Litigation for Gas related injury
  • Pipeline Issues
  • Easements and restrictive covenants
  • Riparian Rights

To Business Owners Associated with Gas & Oil Industry:

  • Establishing a new or existing business entity in Pennsylvania that serves the Gas industry or gas industry workers
  • Negotiate, review and draft vendor contracts with Gas and gas industry related companies
  • Form a Gas company, Pipeline company, Water Carrier company or Transport company
  • Business Planning, Financial strategy, Compliance and Licensure issues
  • Business Litigation

To a Natural Gas Company:

  • Licensure and Compliance
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Corporate Compliance

Marcellus and Utica Shale are discussed everywhere in Pennsylvania it seems these days. Everyone seems to have a different opinion as to what to do with this new source of wealth and the environmental impact drilling may or may not have on the land and people of Pennsylvania. What we do know is Pennsylvania is sitting on at least two hundred years worth of natural gas. That means many landowners or entities (such as hunting camps) in different parts of Pennsylvania have the possibility of being approached by Gas companies to either drill, extract or pipe gas on their land. If a company approaches you, contact us immediately so that we can help you negotiate a fair deal on your behalf. We will assist you in maximizing the amount of rent and royalties and balance this with protecting and restoring your land if it is damaged.

The amount of wealth you could see may transform your life (depending upon your acreage ownership and actual gas under your property). We pride ourselves at giving sage and practical advice in order to assist your decision making and to deal with this transformational opportunity for you and your family for generations to come. It is important that you seize this opportunity and not waste the transforming power of this blessing. Once you receive this new found wealth and depending on its economic impact on your life, we can discuss a full range of asset protection and estate planning options that will fit your needs. We start from the basics to achieve wealth freedom, which is becoming debt free, and then strategize from there. In addition, we can help you build a team of experienced, wise and caring professionals who can help you stay on track to be a good steward with these new found resources. Further, if you want to invest your money by establishing a business we can help you make that dream become a reality.

Another aspect of this Gas boom that is largely forgotten, is that it creates new opportunities for existing business to sell their goods or services. It also creates many opportunities for new start up businesses. Stone, Wiley & Linsenbach prides itself at taking care of our business customers and helping them achieve their true potential and protect them via formation, contracts, compliance and if necessary, litigation. We can act as your in house counsel, help negotiate or draft any of your contracts, agreements or leases. We can assist in all areas of your business. We would love to be a part of your team.

If you are a natural gas company that needs local representation, a trial attorney, licensure assistance or regulatory compliance our firm has the personnel to give you superior service at a fair price. Please contact us, we look forward to discussing your legal matter and helping you resolve any Pennsylvania based issue (whether it is in federal or state court).

Whatever your legal needs are, we at Stone, Wiley, & Linsenbach desire to help you navigate the legal minefield of gas law in Pennsylvania. We will candidly discuss your options and offer our opinion as how to solve your legal matter. We travel to anywhere in Pennsylvania and have all the electronic means to handle your particular case, so no matter where in the world you or your property are, we will strive to give you the personal attention you deserve. Wherever possible we will set a flat fee. Also available, in some circumstances, we will work on a contingency basis. If you cannot afford an attorney but have a need to be represented in regards to a gas law lease, royalty agreement or injury case, we may be able to establish a contingency arrangement based on the risk, royalty or damage. We are here to serve and help you unlock the door to Mineral Wealth.

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