August 2, 2017

Intellectual Property


Our clients regularly seek our counsel with regard to:

  • Patent Prosecution (dependent upon science and engineering may be referred)
  • Prior Art Patentability Searches
  • Opinion of Patentability (Depending on Science, May Be Referred)
  • Opinion of Trademark Infringement / Non-infringement
  • Trademark Selection and Clearance
  • Copyright Filing and Maintenance
  • Trade Secret Maintenance and Advising

Our Intellectual Property section strives to provide each and every inventor, author, artist, and business professional with the maximum protection for his or her valuable intellectual property. This is done with the highest technical competence, attention to detail, and integrity. A patent, trademark, or copyright is protected through the filing of documents with the United States government.  We perform in-house trademark searches as well as auditing and maintaining a client’s portfolio.

As our client, you will always receive the appropriate documentation and guidance to ensure your trade secrets are protected. This may include liability assessment, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, and security policies. In addition, we provide business consultations to aid in the eventual development of the patented product, and provide practical advice for turning an idea into a marketable product. From there, a business entity can be established, and the symbols, logos, and other marks associated with the business can be filed to protect the new trademark / service mark.

An important aspect of intellectual property protection is contract drafting and review. We pride ourselves in taking the necessary time to properly draft a custom tailored contract for a specific client. We conduct a meticulous review of each contract provision to maximize our client’s position.

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