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Business Law

Business Formation

We provide advice and weigh multiple factors, such as future goals, number of persons, marketing, geography, and business purpose, when selecting an entity that best fits your needs. Such as:

Employer Services

As your business grows you will most likely hire additional employees. With employees come many benefits and problems that can be alleviated with planning, contracts or litigation. Our team provides many solutions, such as:

Business Issues

At Stone, Wiley & Linsenbach, we are pledged to provide practical advice and creative solutions for business and corporate matters, including choosing a form of business; restructuring and reorganizations; business planning; and financing. In addition, we pay particular attention to helping business owners in legal areas of their lives such as estate planning, family matters, elder law issues and alimony issues. We have sat on many companies’ Board of Directors and have set the strategy and tactics for those organizations.

From Start-ups to Established Businesses, we advise and provide a vast array of services. Moreover, we also have experience advising companies regarding their intellectual property, advanced technology and e-commerce issues.

Our Firm is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by focusing not only on business goals, but the business owner’s personal goals and objectives. We will diligently work to achieve your desired outcome.  We strive to mitigate business risks in the decision making process.

If you have any business or corporate law matters that needs addressed, it would be our privilege to provide advice and legal services to your business.  Please contact us for an initial consultation.

Further information:

Starting a Business

When starting a business, choosing the right form of business organization and business name is vital to your success. Our firm has helped hundreds of businesses thrive and become successful. We offer a variety of services and advice on every aspect of forming and running your business, including planning, finding financing, marketing, networking and avoiding liability.

Below are some key concepts to business success:

  1. Work…
  2. Read about management, marketing, finances/accounting, technology and success stories of other businesses. Read in areas you know nothing about, as all business have shared fundamentals.
  3. Start brain storming and setting goals and ideas down on paper. This will then be turned into your business plan. Go to the following website to get ideas on what you should be thinking about when starting a business plan:
  4. Build a team of professionals around you that you trust.
  5. Choose the correct entity for your business.
  6. Start. If you fail at something get back up and learn from it and go forward. Those that quit fail. Those that learn from failure succeed.
  7. DEBT IS TYPICALLY BAD! Remember the old adage about the turtle winning the race. Maybe the only good debt is if you are buying a commercial property. Build up your reserves up to 1 year. In 2008 and COVID-19 years, those that were leveraged to the hilt or had no reserves or ability to absorb a bad year were closed or dissolved. Plan for rainy days.
  8. You make your own economy and customers by your excellent work, your product, your customer service and your personality.
  9. Continually plan and reevaluate.
  10. Train others to do your job so the business can succeed while you are on vacation (you need sometime to recharge), are sick or if you become disabled.
  11. You must plan.

We are committed to helping your business achieve your goals. We strive to provide you and your business the personal attention you desire. We make every attempt to be your Key to Business Law.

The following are just some of the services we provide to small business owners:

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