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Home Owner’s Association Law

Most Pennsylvania Home Owner’s Associations (HOA’s) are operated by individuals with limited business or legal knowledge. In addition, these individuals are often unaware of the policies and procedures of running a non-profit corporation. We assist board members to properly run their HOA in accordance with state and federal laws. We advise HOA boards throughout Pennsylvania. We have written numerous by-laws and covenants on their behalf, whether it be a complete overhaul of documents or just small modifications. We are available to attend HOA membership meetings and any other business appointments that require legal counsel. In addition, we provide debt collection and regulation enforcement through due process that includes litigation. We pride ourselves in our success rate.

We strive to be as active in your HOA as you desire to ensure that it is organized, effective, and compliant with the law. We believe we can help better your community by ensuring fundamental fairness and impartiality is maintained in decision making.